Capacitve Discharge

Voltage Control


Foot Pedal Actuation

3 Million Spot Tested

Advantages of capacitor based spot welder design

  • High operating efficiency
  • No surface deformation
  • No power service upgrade necessary
  • Low equipment maintenance
  • No splatter
  • Long electrode life
  • High precision welding
  • Can be used for very thin strips (0.05 mm – 0.3 mm)
  • Controlled energy
  • Localized heat effected zones

Intelligent thermal management with rugged design.

One stop solution for spot welding battery packs

Weld quality and process control are better than transformer based spot welder.

Provide high quality strength to the spot with the flexibility of using in automatic and manual mode


Personal GPS Tracker Module

Power bank

EV Battery Pack

Pack for Robotics

Drone Battery Packs

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