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Electric Vehicle System Design

At our cutting-edge design studio, we specialize in crafting innovative electric vehicle circuits for emerging startups eager to make their mark in the green mobility revolution. Our expertise lies in the intricate design of essential components, including Battery Management Systems (BMS), Electric Chargers, Motor Controllers, and more. 

 With a keen focus on efficiency, reliability, and sustainability, we meticulously engineer circuits that serve as the neural network of your electric vehicles. Our flagship product, the Emflux One superbike, showcases our dedication to innovation with 10 patents granted for technology such as a thermal management system and a motor with active cooling

Patents Granted
  • EV Powertrain thermal management and control method 
  • Cooling system for an electric motor arrangement
  • Battery  pack  temperature regulation system using refrigerant and heat pipes

Technology Stack

Battery Pack

Master Control


Charger Circuit

Motor Controller



Pioneering Research-Driven Excellence in Electrical Vehicle Design Services

EV Component Testing

Cell Penetration Test

We make testing setups for cells and modules for thermal Runaway and heating patterns tests.

Motor Test Bench

We make motor test bench for analysing your EV motor output and performance


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