Chassis Dynamometer(2/3 wheeler)

Compact Design:

Despite its powerful capabilities, our Chassis Dynamometer occupies a relatively small floor space, making it an ideal fit for workshops and testing environments with limited room.

Dual Rollers:

Equipped with dual rollers, this dynamometer ensures stable and consistent testing for motorcycles and scooters, accommodating a variety of two-wheeler designs

Custom Data Acquisition Systems:

Tailor your testing experience with our custom data acquisition systems, providing in-depth insights into crucial performance metrics for comprehensive analysis.

Rugged Hall Sensor:

The dynamometer is equipped with a rugged Hall sensor, ensuring durability and accuracy in capturing precise rotational information during testing.

Tie-Down Points:

Designed for safety and stability, the dynamometer features tie-down points specifically crafted for two-wheelers, providing secure anchoring during high-performance testing.

SKF Bearings:

Incorporating high-quality SKF bearings, our dynamometer guarantees smooth and efficient operation, minimizing friction and ensuring the reliability of your testing equipment

Notable Features

0 Km/hr
Top Speed
1 ms
Sampling Rate
0 mm
Wheelbase Adjustment
0 mm


Educational Institutes

Reseach and Development

Performance Benchmarking

Component Testing

Custom Made data Acquisition Software

Customize your testing experience with our tailored data acquisition systems, offering detailed insights into crucial performance metrics. Elevate your analysis with comprehensive information, ensuring a nuanced understanding of your testing outcomes. Choose precision and customization for unparalleled testing efficiency.


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