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Established in August 2016, Emflux Motors is at the forefront of innovation in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. We specialize in developing a wide range of products and services for 2/3 wheeler EVs. Our focus is on designing cutting-edge EV components, including universal electric drives, Battery Management Systems (BMS), innovative battery architectures, motors, controllers, and comprehensive EV charging solutions.

At Emflux Motors, we offer a comprehensive service from concept to creation. This includes design, prototype development, and subsequent certification processes. Our holistic approach ensures a seamless and efficient transition from concept to a certified, market-ready product. Join us as we drive the future of electric mobility.

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Accelerate EV excellence with our precision tools—innovation, fast-tracking success!

Research And Development

Crafting bespoke EV solutions, we drive innovation in electric mobility

EV Bench Marking

Revolutionize EV potential through rigorous benchmarking, exceeding industry standards.

Products and Services

Automatic Spot Welder Making Battery Packs for High Performance Electric Vehicles

Our Latest News

Emflux Motors is thrilled to unveil the successful installation of our advanced dynamometer at Shindengen India Pvt Ltd. A milestone in our journey towards electric mobility innovation, this precision-engineered equipment will be instrumental in shaping the future of electric vehicles. As we forge ahead, this achievement emphasizes our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that enhance the performance and efficiency of electric mobility technologies.


"EMFLUX Spotwelder has been a game-changer for our battery pack manufacturing. Its precision and reliability have not only elevated our product quality but allowed us to scale our business seamlessly. The user-friendly interface and efficient integration have made it an indispensable tool in our operations, empowering us to reach new heights in the electric mobility industry."

Giridhar Raju (Founder & CEO)

Apeiron Mobility Pvt. Ltd.

"The Emflux team helped us architect a solution within our tech constraint and target BOM. They not only advised us properly but also did hand holding for the initial designs. They went out of their way to make sure we completed our project. They walked next to us till we reached our destination. Engineers par excellence."

Alok Mohanty (CEO)

Lazy Idli Pvt. Ltd.

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