Chassis Dynamometer

Our Chassis Dynamometer stands at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, meticulously designed to be the cornerstone of electric vehicle performance measurement. Tailored for the future of sustainable mobility, this dynamometer provides unparalleled accuracy and reliability in evaluating the prowess of electric vehicles.

Whether you’re a manufacturer fine-tuning the latest electric model or an innovator pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology, our Chassis Dynamometer is your trusted partner in measuring, analyzing, and perfecting the performance of electric vehicles. Elevate your electric mobility journey with precision, reliability, and a commitment to sustainable excellence.


Automatic Spot Welder

Elevate your battery pack manufacturing process with our state-of-the-art Automatic Spot Welder, seamlessly blending precision and efficiency. Tailored for the electric vehicle industry, this cutting-edge equipment ensures the seamless assembly of robust and reliable battery packs.

Embrace the future of electric mobility with confidence, knowing that our Automatic Spot Welder with custom CNC control is the cornerstone of your battery pack manufacturing success. Precision, adaptability, and efficiency come together in this cutting-edge solution, supporting your journey towards a sustainable and electrifying future.



Embrace the power of Indian innovation with our Capacitor-Based Battery Spot Welder, meticulously designed for smaller companies and academic institutions, redefining possibilities in battery pack manufacturing. Tested rigorously for up to 500,000 spots, this welder is not just a tool; it’s a gateway to affordable, reliable, and efficient welding solution.


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